St Neots skate park


Situated in a nice spot by the river this skatepark is one of the larges in the area, with a lot of variation in the ramps and an imaginative layout. It is mainly transition based but there are a few street obstacles here as well.

The park features a large back and forth run that is made up of a big flat bank with a dip next to a huge roll in that lead into the middle section which holds a roll over, riveway with hubba and a jump box lined up. The other end of this section then has a huge vert wall with a quarter pipe in the middle the back of which is shared with a massive 13ft vert half pipe.

Next to this run is two mini ramps back to back with each other forming both a spin and a volcano. One of these mini ramps is then spined with an unusual bowl that curves around these two mini ramps with two open sides and the back of which forms another spine with a fourth mini ramp.

There are no on-site toilets but there are free to use facilities nearby in Riverside Park

River Road St Neots PE19 7SB